Brain Tumors are Not a Death Sentence


Thousands of people are diagnosed with a brain tumor each year. Anyone who is diagnosed with a brain tu-mor will want to learn everything possible about the tumor, the symptoms and the possible treatment options. Fear can take over if the patient and family are not aware that many treatment options exist.Changes in a person’s mental or physical condition should be monitored closely for a number of days. Con-cerns that arise should be presented to the family physician. The physical examination will provide insight concerning the signs and symptoms associated with various health conditions.
Brain tumors cannot be diagnosed through the presence of symptoms since the same physical symptoms can indicate the presence of other health problems. Physicians will conduct specific tests, including scans of the head, to determine if a brain tumor is present. A number of follow-up exams will be required to determine the location and type of brain tumor.


Benign brain tumors are treatable through surgical procedures that present some risk. Surgeons will explain the ways to extract the tumor.
Malignant brain tumors present special challenges since the cancerous growth can spread throughout the brain very rapidly. Multiple stages of treatment are important to stop the growth of the tumor. Radiation is used to reduce the number of abnormal cells. Other areas of the brain must be monitored for tumor growth.
Not that long ago, anyone diagnosed with a brain tumor was sent home to die. Today, patients are given treatment options that return life to normal. Hope is given to the family throughout the entire process.

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